Bernice Noll's Last Days - Photo 9 Bernice "Celebration of Her Life" - Photo 9 Bernice Noll's Last Days

Here she rests comfortably with a robe sent by our friend Nettie. Nettle came to pray with her and sing hymns. Here she rests in her final days. She has talks with her primary attendant Diane Johnson and confides that she knows she is dying. She tells Diane she is most proud of her boys and what they have done. She is proud of her loving husband and her role as mother and wife.

She knows that God has prepared a place for her and is coming soon to get her. Pain killers keep her pain level down to a very low level. Paul, her loving husband and Bernice often hold hands and talk about all the things she has accomplished and the thousands she has affected. She is at peace with the world. The end will arrive soon and we all know it. Every day Paul tells her she is a beautiful as the day we married some 59 years ago. She giggles and smiles.

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