5000 Vocabulary List for Visiting Scholars in the USA - Page 13
Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
allow verb Allow me to help you. to let do or happen; permit
allowance noun You should make allowance for that. a consideration for possibilities; concession
ally noun Japan is our ally since 1950. to place in friendly association: friend
almost adv. The car was almost ten years old. slightly short of, not quite; nearly
alone adj. He was alone in the house. being apart from others; solitary
along adv. A tree is growing along the river. on a line or course parallel and close to; beside
prep. We walked slowly along the street. over the length of
aloud adv. He talked aloud to himself. with use of the voice; audible
alphabet noun The English alphabet has 26 letters. set of letters in order set by custom
already adv. They were already there. by this or a specified time; before
also adv. She had also gone to town. in addition, besides
conj. Also I want you to know that I care. in addition; likewise
alter verb If the suit does not fit, alter it. to adjust a garment for a better fit; modify