6001 - 7000 Vocabulary List for Visiting Scholars in the USA - Page 19

Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
fray noun My friends and I got into the fray. a scuffle, brawl
verb His coat had frayed when he worked hard, became worn, tattered
freckle noun The young girl had freckles on her face. small brownish spots
frenzy noun The students were in a state of frenzy. wild excitement, agitated
fringe noun We stood on the fringe of the huge crowd. outside edge
fugitive noun The arrested a dangerous fugitive. one who flees
fumble verb She fumbled in her purse for her keys. handle awkwardly
fume verb He will fume after the criticism. show resentment
furrow verb His forehead furrowed when he spoke. deep wrinkles
futile noun It is futile to try to make them change. having no useful result
gait noun They men marched at a steady gait, manner of proceeding
gall noun It takes lots of gall for him to say that. bitterness of feeling, rancor
gangster noun He was nothing but a simple gangster. criminal or racketeer
gape verb We gaped at the ridiculous performance. stare in wonder with mouth open
garland noun They placed a garland on the winner. a wreath of flowers or leaves
garnish verb They garnished the roast with parsley and lemons. decorated
garret noun The old man lived in a small garret. room on top floor of a house
garrison noun The entire garrison attended the parade. a military post
gauze noun The nurse placed gauze on the soldier's wound. thin surgical dressing
gelatin noun My friend made a dessert from some gelatin. a jelly type