6001 - 7000 Vocabulary List for Visiting Scholars in the USA - Page 61

Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
nebula noun Few of the nebulas can be seen by the naked eye. diffuse mass of interstellar dust
nasty adj. She took part in a nasty trick. unpleasant or annoying
negotiate verb We will negotiate a better price. settle by mutual agreement
neigh verb We could hear the horse neigh long into the night. long high-pitched sound by a horse
nestle verb The young boy would nestle into his mother's arms. settle snugly
nibble verb The cat would just nibble at it's food. bite gently and repeatedly
nimble adj. The lady had very nimble fingers. quick, light and agile
nip verb The fish nipped at the swimmer's toes. to seize, pinch or bite
noun The cold air had a nip to it. sharp stinging quality
nook noun We don't do that in this nook of the country. hidden secluded spot