6001 - 7000 Vocabulary List for Visiting Scholars in the USA - Page 70

Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
proclamation noun He issued proclamation to stop work. an official announcement
prodigal adj. He became known as the prodigal son. wastefully extravagant
prodigious adj. It became a prodigious effort to complete the job. extraordinary, enormous
profane adj. He often used quite profane language. vulgar, coarse
profess verb I must profess that I am nor sure of that. affirm openly, declare
prop noun The prop on my plane was damaged. propeller
noun He used a prop to show how it was done. theatrical device
verb The stick propped up the window. held up
prophesy verb He correctly prophesied the coming of the war. predict with certainty
proprietor noun We spoke with the proprietor owner or manager