6001 - 7000 Vocabulary List for Visiting Scholars in the USA - Page 73

Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
raft noun The boys went down the river on a raft. simple device to float on water
raid verb We shall raid the enemy camp at dawn surprise attack by small armed force
raisin noun California raises many tons of raisins. dried sweet grapes
rally verb We must rally all of our forces. gather together for common purpose
noun We attended a rally for the governor. gathering to inspire enthusiasm
ram noun The Roman army used a ram to batter the defenses, device to batter, smash
verb They will ram the project through despite the opposition. to force
noun Our flock of sheep consisted of three ewes and a ram. male sheep
ramble verb His speech rambled on for a hour. speak at length with digressions
noun Our afternoon was a ramble all over the city. leisurely, lengthy walk