7001 - 8000 Vocabulary List for Visiting Scholars in the USA - Page 83

Word Type Used in a Sentence Synonym
upheaval noun The economy suffered an upheaval caused by the war. a sudden, violent disruption or upset
upholster verb We need to upholster our office chair. to supply with stuffing, springs and covering fabric
urchin noun Several urchins approached begging for food. a playful or mischievous youngster; a scamp
urine noun The horse barn smelled from the urine. waste product secreted by the kidneys
usurp verb The raiders tried to usurp our authority. to take over or occupy without right
utilitarian adj. They furnished the kitchen with utilitarian utensils. stressing utility over other values; practical
utopia noun The new land was not the utopia they expected. an ideally perfect place
vaccinate verb Children must be vaccinated before attending school. to inoculate with vaccine to prevent disease
vacillate verb He vacillated until all chance of success was lost. to hesitate, waffle, or hang back undecided
verb He vacillated in his decision to go. to swing from one course of action to another