The Goal of Oral English - Page 2

Many students have studied English for years, some as many as eight. But some have difficulty speaking so native speakers can understand the meaning. Some know many words but are unable to discern them when native speakers use them. In our Oral English classes we will concentrate on speaking and listening to native English speakers. For this reason, because we are trying to train your ears to hear English and your mouths to speak intelligible English, we will have a rule that ONLY ENGLISH will be spoken in our classes.

Anyone speaking their native language in class will be required to pay a fine in order to encourage the speaking and understanding of English. If the teachers enter into a classroom and discover that anyone is speaking their native language, they will require everyone in the room to pay the fine. It is everyone's job to enforce the English Only rule. It is for your benefit. It is because we want to accustom your ears to hearing English. They have been speaking their native language for about 18 years and need no practice. They need practice in speaking and hearing English.

Other subjects may be learned solely from books but the only way to learn a foreign language is to "SPEAK IT!" Students are often nervous about speaking in class at first but we hope to make the classes fun so you will forget your nervousness and learn to speak out. Enjoy your classes.