Compound Nouns -- Verb Phrases - Page 1
Caution about Compound Nouns and Verb Phrases. Some solid and hyphenated compound nouns closely resemble verb phrases. Be sure, however, to treat the elements in a verb phrase as separate words.
Nouns Verb Phrases
We had a breakdown in communications. When communications break down, we lose.
She did a thorough follow-up of the report. We wanted to follow up on your recommendation.
He operates a drive-in. Drive in to your dealer.
He was a high school dropout. Don't drop out of high school.
He arrived at the time of the takeoff. Planes cannot take off or land now.
We leave when they give us a go-ahead. We can go ahead with the plan.
It come to a standstill. We can't stand still.
Let's have a run-through. Let's run through the plan.
Let us plan a get-together. I plan to get together.