Contronyms - Self-Antonyms, American English - Page 2
  1. confessor
    Normally refers to someone (such as a priest) who hears a confession
    But could also mean one who makes it
  2. consult
    To ask for advice
    To give advice
  3. cool
    In commonly accepted slang, cool means happy, pleasant, and agreeable
    It can mean "less than agreeable, polite but strained" (a cool reception to a speech)
  4. critical
    It can mean "vital to success" (a critical component)
    It can mean "disparaging" (a critical comment).
  5. custom
    As a noun, this means "conventional behavior"
    But as an adjective, it means "specially designed"
  1. deceptively smart
    It can mean smarter than one appears
    It can mean dumber than one appears
  2. dike
    It can mean a wall
    A ditch
  3. dollop
    Dollop" can mean "a large amount"
    Or "a small amount" depending on its usage
  4. downhill
    When referring to difficulty, it means "progressively easier"
    But when referring to status or condition, it means "progressively worse"
  5. dust
    In "to dust furniture", this verb means "to remove dust from"
    But in "to dust for fingerprints," or "the streets dusted with snow," it means "to apply dust to"
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