Contronyms - Self-Antonyms, American English - Page 5
  1. livid
    Discolored as from a bruise or ashen with shock or dull blue or grayish-blue
    Reddish or flushed or enraged or furiously angry
  2. lurid
    Can mean pale and bland
    Can mean vividly descriptive
  3. mean ,
    Can mean average
    Can mean excellent (e.g., "plays a mean game")
  4. moot
    Formerly and more acceptably meaning "open for discussion, debatable"
    It is now more commonly used to mean "irrelevant to discussion or debate"
  5. off
    Generally, something being off means it is not operating
    However when an alarm goes off, it means it has started
  1. original - Original recipe
    Original idea, Original furniture

    Can mean new and freshly conceived
    Can mean ancient, staid and preserved
  2. out
    To take something out means to remove it - "the lights are out" means they are not shining
    To bring something out is to exhibit it prominently - 'the stars are out" means they are visible
  3. out of
    Can mean outside (she was out of the house)
    Can mean inside (e.g., "work out of one's home")
  4. outstandingly
    Can mean exceptional, prominent, excellent
    Can mean unsettled, unresolved, overdue
  5. oversight
    Noun form of oversee, which means "to manage and be in charge of"
    Noun form of overlook, meaning "error" or lapse in good management
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