Contronyms - Self-Antonyms, American English - Page 7
  1. resign
    When someone resigns a contract (transitive) he commits to continuing his involvement in some activity. to resign from work is to end the work
    When he resigns (intransitive) he relieves himself of that commitment. while to resign oneself to work is to give up all hope of ending the work
  2. sanction
    It can mean to approve or to permit
    It can mean to restrict or boycott (as in "economic sanction")
  3. sanctimony
    It can mean "holiness, sanctity or religiousness"
    It can mean "pretended holiness, affected, hypocritical"
  4. scan
    Originally, this word meant to examine closely
    But has come to mean to look over hastily
  1. screen
    Hide or Conceal with or as if with a screen
    Show or to display prominently as in screening a film
  2. seed
    To add seeds, as in seeding a field
    To remove seeds, as in seeding a fruit
  3. shelled
    Shelled can describe either the result of removing a shell (e.g., we shelled the hazelnuts
    Shelled can describe something that has a shell (e.g., turtles are like shelled snakes with legs)
  4. skin
    To add skin - "Skin that kayak"
    To remove skin - "Skin that deer"
  5. stakeholder
    Stakeholder legally means to hold (but not have an interest in) a stake
    It is now sometimes used, especially to reference one who does have an interest in an issue
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