Contronyms - Self-Antonyms, American English - Page 9
  1. unbending
    Rigid, inflexible, refusing to yield or compromise, as in "his stance against reform was unbending"
    It can mean becoming less tense, relaxing, as in "unbending a little, she confided ..."
  2. unitize
    To form or combine into one unit
    To divide or separate into multiple units
  3. unshelled
    Not removed from their shells (adjective) - unshelled nuts
    Having been removed from their shells - the eggs were unshelled
  4. variety
    It can mean one type (e.g., "this variety")
    It can mean many types (e.g., "a variety")
  5. wear
    It can mean to endure through use
    It can mean to decay through use
  1. weather
    To weather a storm means "to endure" the storm - to withstand
    But generally to weather means "to erode," "to decay" - wear away
  2. wicked
    The strict definition of the adjective is "evil"
    But now generally accepted usage is equivalent to "very good" - he threw a wicked curve
  3. wind up
    It can mean to end - You must wind up the project
    It can mean to start up (e.g., a clock)
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