Homographs, American English -- Page 10
A Homograph are words that:     1. Are Spelled the Same     2. Are Pronounced the Same     3. But have two different meanings
126. roll The ball will roll into the road. (tumble)
We ate a roll for dinner. (biscuit)
127 rock She will often rock in her chair. (back and forth)
The rock hit my window. (stone)
128. run She will run five miles a day. (trot)
She had a run in her stocking. (tear)
129. right I have a ring on my right hand. (starboard)
She got all the answers right. (correct)
130. race He ran the school race. (speed contest)
I don't know his race. (ethnic origin)
131. round Her watch is round. (circular)
He won in the third round. (contest)
132. rest We will rest until dinner. (take it easy)
The rest will arrive after dinner. (remainder)
133. rose The rose is a pretty flower. (type of blossom)
The crowd rose to greet her. (stood up)
134. rung He has rung the bell twice. (struck)
A rung on the ladder is missing. (step)
135. rear The horse will rear if frightened. (rise up)
We sat at the rear of the room. (back)
136. scales Fish have many scales. (plates)
We weighed on the scales. (heaviness measure)
137. strike Did you strike her on the arm? (hit)
The workers are on strike. (withhold labor)
138. stand They sold fruit at the stand. (booth)
Stand up when he comes into the room. (rise up)
139. shine Shine your shoes every day. (polish)
Shine your flashlight over here. (point)
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