American English Idioms -- Page 2
Idiom Translation
  1. We need to break the ice.
  2. We'll get a baker's dozen.
  3. He's got a finger in every pie.
  4. You'll have to take potluck.
  5. She's hard-boiled.
  6. He's the apple of my eye.
  7. He's a rotten egg.
  8. It's for the birds.
  9. She eats like a bird.
  10. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  11. I smell a rat.
  12. He's chicken-hearted.
  13. I could eat a horse.
  14. Please don't monkey around.
  15. We'll kill two birds with one stone.
  16. It's three miles as the crow flies.
  17. Don't cry wolf.
  18. It has dog-eared pages.
  19. He's the underdog.
  20. She's like a fish out of water.
  1. Everyone's a little tense - let's be friendly.
  2. We'll get items.
  3. He has many deals going.
  4. Be happy with what we have on hand.
  5. She makes tough deals.
  6. He's my favorite person.
  7. He is a thoroughly evil person.
  8. It's a crazy idea.
  9. She eats little or nothing.
  10. He's a bad guy pretending to be good.
  11. Someone has betrayed us.
  12. He has no courage.
  13. I'm extremely hungry.
  14. Get serious and stop playing.
  15. One solution solves two problems.
  16. It's three miles going straight.
  17. Don't give a false alarm.
  18. It's a well-used popular book.
  19. He's not the favorite to win.
  20. She is not in her area of expertise.