American English Idioms -- Page 18
Idiom Translation
  1. He's a long-winded talker.
  2. She looked daggers at him.
  3. Don't look down on them.
  4. You'll lose your shirt doing that.
  5. That is a lost cause.
  6. We'll lower the boom on them.
  7. That'll make the fur fly.
  8. She can't make ends meet.
  9. Make yourself at home.
  10. He's a man of his word.
  11. It's a matter of life and death.
  12. Your name is mud.
  13. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  14. She's an old flame.
  15. It happens once in a blue moon.
  16. It's on the house.
  17. Be on the lookout for her.
  18. He's on the bandwagon.
  19. She's on the ball.
  20. He's out of date.
  1. He talks and talks.
  2. She gave him a look of disapproval.
  3. Don't think you are better than they are.
  4. You will lose everything.
  5. You cannot succeed.
  6. We will soundly defeat them.
  7. That will get their attention.
  8. She spends more than she makes.
  9. Act as if this were your home. (Condition contrary to reality.)
  10. He always keeps promises.
  11. This is a very serious situation.
  12. You will be thought of as a loser.
  13. It is a difficult thing to find.
  14. She's a past girlfriend.
  15. It will never happen.
  16. You do not need to pay for it.
  17. Watch for her.
  18. He has joined our side of the argument.
  19. She is very perceptive.
  20. He is living in the past.