American English Idioms -- Page 30
Idiom Translation
  1. She is in the clear.
  2. We need to clear the air.
  3. She has her head in the clouds.
  4. He killed her in cold blood.
  5. He was left out in the cold.
  6. They were acting in concert.
  7. They left him to cool his heels.
  8. They asked her to cool it.
  9. He tried to cut corners.
  10. We are up a creek without a paddle.
  11. She is bent out of shape.
  12. I'm fed up with him.
  13. I'm flat broke.
  14. She is a blabbermouth.
  15. We are antsy about that.
  16. It will cost you a bundle.
  17. Give it some elbow grease.
  18. I'm beat.
  19. You need to cut that out.
  20. It's as easy as pie.
  1. She is free from danger or suspicion.
  2. Let's ignore emotional tensions and differences.
  3. She is not in the real world.
  4. He killed her without any feeling or remorse.
  5. He got nothing.
  6. They were acting together.
  7. He was left waiting.
  8. She was asked to calm down and relax.
  9. It's a dangerous, possibly illegal solution.
  10. We are in a difficult or unfortunate position.
  11. She is upset about something.
  12. I have no patience with him.
  13. I have no money.
  14. She talks all the time.
  15. We are not confident about it.
  16. It will be quite expensive.
  17. You need to go to work.
  18. I am very tired.
  19. Stop doing that.
  20. It is very simple.