Writing Numbers in American English - Page 10
21. Use figures (even from 1 to 10) to express periods of time wheen they are used as technical measurements or significant statistics (as in discounts, interest rates, and credit terms).
a. a 35-hour workweek b. a 30-year mortgage c. a note due in 6 months

22. Spell out nontechnical references to periods of time unless the number requires more than two words.
a. a twenty-minute wait c. twelve days from now e. in twenty-four months g. three hundred years ago
b. forty-odd years ago d. eight hours later f. two thousand years ago h. But: 350 years ago

23. Centuries may be expressed as follows:
a. the 1900s c. the twenty-first century
b. or: the nineteenth hundreds d. the twentieth-century literature
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