American List of Suffixes -- American English -- Page 1
This is a list of popular American suffixes. I give this list to my students and we go over some selected ones to show them how it works. I start with "tele" which means "at a distance". We then move to "scope" which means "an instrument for seeing" and thus we get from telescope "an instrument for seeing at a distance". Light bulbs begin to go off in the class as they begin to get the connections. We then look at a long word such as "teleconference". "Tele" meaning "at a distance," "confer" meaning to discuss or talk, and "ence" meaning, "act of doing". Thus we have a "doing a discussion at a distance".
Suffix Meaning Examples Used
able, ible capable of, worthy agreeable, comfortable, credible 1514
age act of or state of salvage, bondage 501
acy, isy quality hypocrisy, piracy 130
al, eal, ial on account of
related to, action of
judicial, official
arrival, refusal
ance, ence act or fact of doing
state of
violence, dependence
allowance, insurance
ant quality of
one who
defiant, expectant, reliant
occupant, accountant