Substitutions for Wordy Phrases - Page 2
29. draw to your attention point out
30. during the time that when
33. except when unless
34. extend an invitation to invite
35. for the reason that because
36. give an account of describe
37. give an indication of show
38. if conditions are such that if
39. in accordance with as you requested
40. in advance of before
41. in case if
42. in all cases always
43. in all likelihood likely
44. in an effort to to
45. in close proximity to near
46. in conjunction with with
47. in connection with regarding
48. in large measure largely
49. in light of the fact that because
50. in many cases often
51. in my own personal opinion I believe
52. in no case never
53. in order to to
54. in possession of have
55. in reference to about
56. in some cases sometimes
57. in spite of the fact that although
58. in the absence of without
59. in the amount of for
60. in the context of in, about
61. in the event of if
62. in the final analysis finally
63. in the form of as
64. in the light of considering
65. in the majority of instances usually
66. in the midst of during, amid
67. in the near future soon
68. in the neighborhood of near, close
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