Strange Spelling and Pronunciation Items - Page 6
Word Endings ISE and IZE
  1. I found 694 words ending in IZE: Words such as atomize, capsize, criticize, deodorize, equalize, glamorize, itemize, memorize, pulverize, realize, serialize, tranquilize, utilize and many others.
  2. Far fewer words end in ISE. Some of these words are: advise. advertise, chastise, comprise, compromise, demise, despise, devise, enterprise, exercise, franchise, improvise, imprecise, surprise, televise, and all the words using wise.
  3. Some words can be spelled with either USE and UZE: One of these words are fuze or fuse.
  4. Also remember in British English many words accept both ISE and IZE while American English accepts on the IZE. A few of this group are; apologize, brutalize, colonize, equalize, finalize.
Words Ending in GUE In all words except one the UE is silent.
  1. These words include: analogue, catalogue, colleague, league, dialogue, epilogue, fatigue, tongue, plague, intrigue, monologue, morgue, prologue, rogue, travelogue, vague and vogue.
  2. The one exception is dengue which is pronounced as "deng-ge." Dengue is a high fever disease caused by mosquitos and generally known as dengue fever.