Countries Nouns and Adjectives Ending in "er" -- in American English
# Country Noun Singular Noun Plural Adjective
1. Cook Islands Cook Islander Cook Islanders Cook Islander
2. Falkland Islands Falkland Islander Falkland Islanders Falkland Islander
3. Greenland Greenlander Greenlanders Greenlandic
4. Guernsey Channel Islander Channel Islanders Channel Islander
5. Iceland Icelander Icelanders Icelandic
6. Jersey Channel Islander Channel Islanders Channel Islander
7. Liechtenstein Liechtensteiner Liechtensteiners Liechtensteiner
8. Luxembourg Luxembourger Luxembourgers Luxembourger
9. New Zealand New Zealander New Zealanders New Zealander
10. Norfolk Island Norfolk Islander Norfolk Islanders Norfolk Islander, Norfolk Islanders
11. Pitcairn Islands Pitcairn Islander Pitcairn Islanders Pitcairn Islander
12. Solomon Islands Solomon Islander Solomon Islanders Solomon Islander
13. Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna Islander Wallis and Futuna Islanders Wallis and Futuna Islander

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