Countries Nouns and Adjectives Ending in "ese" -- in American English - Page 1

The adjectival suffix -ese also serves both common and proper nouns (academese, Japanese); the former usage invariably refers to a type of jargon and is usually pejorative, with a connotation of obtuseness or pretension, whereas the latter usage is neutral unless placed in a derogatory context.

# Country Noun Singular Noun Plural Adjective
1. Benin Beninese Beninese Beninese
2. Burma Burmese Burmese Burmese
3. China Chinese Chinese Chinese
4. Congo, Democratic Republic of Congolese Congolese Congolese
5. Faroe Islands Faroese Faroese Faroese
6. Gabon Gabonese Gabonese Gabonese
7. Guyana Guyanese Guyanese Guyanese
8. Japan Japanese Japanese Japanese
9. Lebanon Lebanese Lebanese Lebanese
10. Malta Maltese Maltese Maltese
11. Marshall Islands Marshallese Marshallese Marshallese
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