Countries Nouns and Adjectives Ending in "-ian" "-an" and "-ic" -- in American English - Page 1

The form -ian signals disposition (contrarian), occupation (librarian), adherence to a philosophy (libertarian), or language or regional or national origin (Russian); the variation -an is common (vegan, publican, republican, Tuscan). Meanwhile, -ic indicates a characteristic (basic) or a linguistic, cultural, or other sociological category (Gothic).

# Country Noun Singular Noun Plural Adjective
1. Afghanistan Afghan Afghans Afghan
2. Albania Albanian Albanians Albanian
3. Algeria Algerian Algerians Algerian
4. American Samoa American Samoan American Samoans American Samoan
5. Andorra Andorran Andorrans Andorran
6. Angola Angolan Angolans Angolan
7. Anguilla Anguillan Anguillans Anguillan
8. Antigua and Barbuda Antiguan, Barbudan Antiguans, Barbudans Antiguan, Barbudan
9. Armenia Armenian Armenians Armenian
10. Aruba Aruban Arubans Aruban
11. Australia Australian Australians Australian
12. Austria Austrian Austrians Austrian
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