Countries Nouns and Adjectives Ending in Different Ways -- in American English - Page 1
# Country Noun Singular Noun Plural Adjective
1. Argentina Argentine Argentines Argentine
2. Barbados Barbadian Barbadians Barbadian or Bajan
3. Botswana Motswana Botswana Motswana, Botswana
4. Comoros Comoran Comorans Comoran
5. Cote d'Ivoire Ivoirian Ivoirians Ivoirian
6. Croatia Croat, Croatian Croats, Croatians Croat, Croatian
7. Cyprus Cypriot Cypriots Cypriot
8. France Frenchman, Frenchwoman Frenchmen, Frenchwomen French
9. Germany German German German
10. Greece Greek Greeks Greek
11. Greenland Greenlander Greenlanders Greenlandic
12. Guernsey Channel Islander Channel Islanders Channel Islander
13. Iceland Icelander Icelanders Icelandic
14. Isle of Man Manxman, Manxwoman Manxmen, Manxwomen Manx
15. Jersey Channel Islander Channel Islanders Channel Islander
16. Kiribati I-Kiribati I-Kiribati I-Kiribati
17. Kosovo (Albanian) Kosovar Kosovar Kosovar
18. Kosovo (Serbian) Kosovac Kosovac Kosovski

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