Television Plays a Positive Role in Society -- Debate Number 1

Arguments in Favor:

  1. Television is now playing a very important role in our lives.
  2. Television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also a comparative cheap one.
  3. Television keeps you informed about current events. It allows you to follow the latest developments in science and politics.
    It offers an endless series of programs that are both instructive and entertaining.
  4. Many television programs introduce people to things they never thought of before and have never heard of before.
  5. Television series have done a great job in popularizing many literary masterpieces.
  6. Television has been good company to those who do not work, like housewives, lonely old people, etc.
  7. With television people are still free to enjoy other "civilized pleasures", or even more.
  8. There are a considerable variety of programs on television. The viewer is always free to choose whatever he wants to see.
  9. Television provides enormous possibilities for education, like school programs via closed-circuit television.
  10. Television provides special broadcasts for those in a TV University, or Open University.
    It also offers specialized subjects like language teaching, sewing, cooking, painting, cosmetics, etc.
  11. Television does the job of education in the broadest sense. Instructive programs achieve their goal through entertaining the viewers.
  12. Television provides an outlet for creative talents.
  13. People all around the world are no longer distant and isolated from each other.
    It brings most distant countries and the strangest customs right into your living room.
  14. Compared with radio, everything on television is more lifelike, vivid, and real.
  15. Television may be a vital factor in holding a family together.
    Especially where there are economic problems that cause the husband and wife to be at a breaking point.
  16. Television keeps people informed about the government and its programs.
  17. Television keeps people informed of the news and weather.
  18. Television keeps people informed of disasters like floods, winds, etc.
  19. In the case of serious problems television tells people what to do.
  20. People can be taught about safety through television.
  21. People can be informed about special sales at stores.