Smoking Should Prohibited -- Debate 4
Arguments Against:
  1. Smoking should not be prohibited, for cigarettes give many people a good deal of pleasure much of the time.
  2. Nicotine can produce a tranquilizing effect during high emotions and shock situations, and therefore, helps to calm people down.
  3. Smoking counteracts the decrease in efficiency that typically occurs in boring, monotonous situations.
  4. Smokers can improve their performance in complex situations while smoking.
  5. Smokers help increase the revenue of our country.
  6. Smoking kills no more people than epidemics or traffic accidents.
  7. Most nonsmokers spend much money on snacks, a habit costing as much as smoking if not more
  8. Many young women admire handsome boys with a cigarette on their lip.
  9. Young women who smoke appear cool and capable.
  10. If we eliminated smoking, many people in the tobacco industry will be out of jobs, and that will create many social problems.
  11. Smoking may not always lead to death, Winston Churchill was a chain-smoker but he enjoyed a long life.
  12. Facts have shown that if a chain-smoker suddenly quits smoking, He's more likely to have lung-cancer than those who keep the habit.
  13. Everybody has the right to keep his or her habits. Smokers are no exception.
  14. Many non-smokers die an early death.
  15. Tobacco has not been proven to be harmful to health.
  16. Tobacco and smoking is a harmless pleasure enjoyed by many for many years.
  17. Many older people derive great pleasure for a smoke now and then.