Money is the Most Important Thing in Life -- Debate 5
Arguments Against:
  1. Too much wealth leads to disaster. Murder or kidnapping might occur when big money is involved.
  2. Money corrupts. The more money you have, the more you want.
  3. Success and wealth often earn you envy and even hostility, which ruins good human relationships.
  4. Some young people reject materialistic values. They are motivated by their interest in work.
  5. Some people think it is vulgar to be always after money. They give away their money to less fortunate people.
  6. Some devoted teachers consider teaching a noble career and are not demoralized by their low salaries.
  7. There is now a return of interest in the humanities, which arouse people's academic interest.
    Money is obviously not the sole interest to these people.
  8. There exist many volunteer organizations, such as neighborhood communities in China, people involved in work without a reward.
  9. What scientists and engineers want is often better conditions or work rather than more money.
  10. The love of money is the root of all evil.
  11. Some Chinese officials are corrupted by the love of money and the power it brings.
  12. Wealth often brings out the worst in people.
  13. Wealthy people are not always the happiest.
  14. When you are rich it is hard to tell who is your real friend.
  15. The wealthy spend too much time trying to get wealthier.
  16. The pursuit of money causes some to neglect their children.