Women Should be Treated the Same as Men -- Debate 6
Arguments Against:
  1. Since we all admit that women belong to a different sex, we shouldn't complain about the different treatment of women.
  2. Most housewives are content to be housewives. They don't feel that housekeeping is something imposed upon them by men.
  3. The biological function of a woman is first to bring children into the world and then to bring them up.
    Women shouldn't attribute the exploitation of their biological advantage to men's discrimination against them.
  4. The different (women use the word "unequal") treatment to women is the division of labor both at home and society.
  5. Actually women today already have as much freedom as they could possible want.
    They enjoy the right to vote: they can go to the university: they can compete with men in any professional field on equal terms.
  6. Women are born to be attentive and tender. Their talents lie in being mothers than in other directions.
  7. It has been proved that women are not good at business management, political administration, etc.
    That is why women don't hold many important posts in social and economic life.
  8. Most women are family-oriented by nature. We must show consideration for their natural inclination.
  9. Women should not attribute their inferior social status to unequal treatment by men.
    They have to look at their own incompetence and inability for an answer.
  10. The fact that women have received too much special treatment in society at men's expense.
  11. Women shouldn't complain about their so-called "double burden" (work and household chores).
  12. Women are all too eager to take special treatment when it favors them. They retire at an earlier age than men.