Housing Reform has become Necessary in China -- Debate 8
Arguments in Favor:
  1. Housing reform is necessary.
    In the past few years, the State has spent 30 billion Yuan a year on building and maintaining houses and subsidizing rents.
    Yet the investment has produced little financial return and a housing shortage still exists.
  2. Commercialization of housing would stop some officials from abusing their positions to obtain extra or larger houses.
  3. Many couples who work in different units have two apartments living in one and keeping the other for their children's future marriage.
    This situation can only be changed by housing reform.
  4. There are still cases of three generations sharing one room.
    Simply because the State does not have enough money to improve their housing conditions.
  5. If only one half of the state-built houses nationwide are sold to urban residents, up to 200 billion Yuan will be recouped.
    This can be used to invest in the construction of more residential dwellings.
  6. Housing reform is necessary, for it will stop the "backdoorism" in the previous system of housing assignments.
  7. The construction costs shared by local governments.
    Then would-be buyers and local enterprises, people can buy a two-room apartment for only 6,000 to 10,000 Yuan.
  8. Many people still live in dangerous and old houses, which can only be improved with money collected through higher rent.