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Obese human lady, gluttonous

The chubby grey hippopotamus won't win any prizes for prettiness, with its chunky tusks and webbed feet, but it is the third largest animal that lives on land in the world. Hippo groups have social structures and etiquette, and the animal has formidable weapons at its disposal, which can be dangerous to humans. On the other hand, hippos are edible and the meat is highly prized in some areas of the world, so they are potentially more at risk from humans than we are at risk from them.

Groups of approximately 15 hippos live together, which helps to protect against attack by lions, crocodiles and hyenas. The most powerful male hippo leads the group and defends his position against challengers for leader through physical fights. A mother hippo gives birth either in the water or on land, but the baby hippo can feed underwater and keep up with its mother in the water.

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