Clear English - R and L Exercises - Page 1
A. Practice these sounds slowly, until you can say them with clear contrast.

1. ara, ala, ala, ara, aray, alay, alay, aray, aree, alee, aro, alo, alo, aro.
2. eera, aala, eeray, eelee, eero, eelo.
3. aria, alai, aru, alu, alere, ara, aro, eelo.
4. la, lay, lee, lo, lu, ra, ray, ree, ro, ru.
5. ra, la, ray, ree, ro, lo, ru, lu.

B. Practice saying the following words:

1. ray, row, reap, red, room, rye.
2. lay, low, leap, led, loom, lie.
3. day, dough, deep, dead, doom, die.
C. Practice saying the following:

1. Is it right?
    Is it light?
2. What's a lamb?
    What's a ram?
3. Where's the load?
    Where's the road? D. Practice saying this nonsense verse:

I think that's not an alligator;
It's not a crocodile.
It won't go in an elevator,
Because the people smile.

No, it is wrong.
No it is dark.
A baby sheep.
A male sheep.
It is in the truck.
It is in the city.
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