Clear English - Voicing Exercises - Page 1
A. Voicing: In unstressed syllables, consonants are often reduced in clarity, just as vowels are reduced. However, in stressed syllables emphasized words, it is important to make the consonant sound clear.
One of the most basic distinctions between English sounds is voicing. To understand the meaning of this term, press your hands against your ears and make this sound:
sssssssssssssssssss (unvoiced)
Now continuing to press your hands against your ears, make this sound:
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (voiced)
Another way is to test the difference is to put your hand on your throat. You should hear a vibration for "zzzz" but not for "ssss." Try them both again until you can feel the difference. The vibration is called voicing. All English vowels should be voiced.
Voiced Unvoiced
1. zoo
2. lazy
3. raising
4. van
5. leaving
6. either
7. game
8. bay
9. do
1. sue
2. lacy
3. racing
4. fan
5. leafing
6. ether
7. came
8. pay
9. to
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