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SYNONYMS: banish, exile, expatriate, deport, transport, extradite.
These verbs mean to send away from a country or state.

Banish applies to forced departure from a country by official decree: He was convicted of heresy and banished from the kingdom.
Exile specifies departure from one's own country, either involuntarily because of legal expulsion or voluntarily because of adverse circumstances: Afterwards, the royal family was exiled.
Expatriate pertains to departure that is sometimes forced but often voluntary and may imply change of citizenship: An immigrant was expatriated because he had concealed a criminal record.
Deport denotes the act of sending an alien abroad by governmental order: was deported for entering the country illegally.
Transport pertains to the sending abroad, usually to a penal colony, of one convicted of a crime: Offenders are no longer transported to Devil's Island.
Extradite . applies to the delivery of an accused or convicted person to the state or country having jurisdiction over him or her: They refused to extradite the fugitives

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