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SYNONYMS: cry, weep, wail, keen, whimper, sob, blubber.

These verbs mean to make inarticulate sounds of grief, unhappiness, or pain.

Cry and weep. both involve the shedding of tears; cry more strongly implies accompanying sound: And when William of Orange died the little children cried in the streets. I weep for the starving children

Wail refers primarily to sustained, inarticulate mournful sound: The women began to wail together.

Keen suggests the wailing associated with lamentation for those who have died: It is the wild Irish women keening over their dead.

Whimper refers to low, plaintive broken or repressed cries, as those made by a child: The prisoner cowered and whimpered for clemency.

Sob describes weeping or a mixture of broken speech and weeping marked by convulsive breathing or gasping: (sobbing, and crying, and wringing her hands as if her heart would break.

Blubber refers to noisy, unrestrained shedding of tears accompanied by broken or inarticulate speech: He blubbered like a child being spanked.

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