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SYNONYMS: earthy, terrestrial, worldly, mundane, earthy.
These adjectives all indicate relationship to the earth, but are not always interchangeable.

Earthy is used principally in opposition or contrast to heavenly. If your earthly father knows how to give good gifts, how much more does your heavenly father.
Terrestrial . is in opposition to celestial or specifies Earth distinguished from other planets or land distinguished from water. It was a terrestrial vehicle
Worldly, in opposition to spiritual, describes the actions and concerns of people, especially as they pertain to this life (distinguished form afterlife); the term is associated with the pursuit of pleasure, wealth, or success. All my worldly goods to you I endow.
Mundane likewise refers to what is secular rather than spiritual or eternal and especially to the more ordinary, routine aspects of life on the earth. She was not concerned with the mundane things.
Earthy, in opposition to spiritual, suggests what is down to earth, especially the satisfaction of material wants and the more primitive human instincts. He was a plain and earthy man.

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