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SYNONYMS: empty, vacant, blank, void, bare, barren.
These adjectives describe what contains nothing and inferentially lacks what it could or should have.

Empty applies to what is without contents or substance: an empty box; an empty room; empty promises.
Vacant refers to what is without an occupant or incumbent: The auditorium is full of vacant seats. The chairmanship is vacant. Figuratively the word refers to the absence of intelligent meaning or thought: a vacant stare; a vacant mind.
Blank stresses the absence of something, especially on a surface, that would convey meaning or content: blank pages; a blank expression.
Void applies to what is free from or completely destitute of discernible content: space void of matter; gibberish void of all meaning.
Something that is bare lacks surface covering (trees standing bare in November; a bare head) or detail (just the bare facts); the word also denotes the condition of being stripped of contents or furnishings: The closet is bare.
Barren stresses lack of productivity in both literal and figurative applications: barren land; writing barren of insight.

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