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SYNONYMS: estimate, appraise, assess, assay, evaluate, rate.
These verbs mean to form a judgment of worth or significance.

Estimate usually implies a subjective and somewhat inexact judgment: difficult to estimate the possible results in advance; could only estimate the size of the crowd.
Appraise stresses expert judgment: appraised the furniture and works of art before distributing them to the heirs.
Assess implies authoritative judgment in setting a monetary value on something as a basis for taxation: assessing an apartment on the amount for which it is likely to be rented.
Assay refers to careful examination, especially to chemical analysis of an ore to determine its quality, fineness, or purity: cut a piece off the ingot to assay it. In extended senses appraise, assess, and assay can refer to any critical analysis or appraisal: appraised his character and found him wanting; assessing the impact of higher taxes; has no method for assaying merit.
Evaluate implies considered judgment in ascertaining value: evaluating a student's thesis for content and organization; used projective tests to evaluate her aptitudes.
Rate involves determining the rank or grade of someone or something in relation to others: Will history rate Picasso above Renoir?

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