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SYNONYMS: forgetful, unmindful, oblivious.
These adjectives refer to inability or failure to remember.

Forgetful usually implies a faulty memory or a tendency not to remember: As I grow older I become forgetful.
Less often the word is used as the equivalent of unmindful, which applies principally to failure to keep in mind what should be remembered, as through deliberate oversight, heedlessness, or inattentiveness: She ought not to be forgetful of her duties. Each passenger rushed toward the exit, unmindful of the others.
Oblivious refers to failure rather than inability to remember, as because one is preoccupied or because one has chosen to disregard something: Fortunately for the author, he was soon oblivious of the vitriolic criticism. Sometimes the term implies lack of awareness: For a person who has known them so long you are strangely oblivious to their faults.

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