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SYNONYMS: hide, conceal, secrete, cache, screen, bury, cloak.
These verbs mean to keep from the sight or knowledge of others.

Hide and conceal are the most general and are often used interchangeably: I used a throw rug to hide (or conceal) the stain on the carpet. Don't hide (or conceal) your money in the cookie jar  ̶   it's the first place a thief would look. Fog hid (or concealed) the mountain. She smiled to hide (or conceal) her hurt feelings. The America of poverty is hidden today. The true use of speech is not so much to express our wants as to conceal them.
Secrete and cache involve concealment in a place unknown to others; cache often implies storage for later use: The lioness secreted her cubs in the tall grass. The mountain climbers cached their provisions for the descent.
To screen is to shield or block from the view of others by interposing something such as a screen: Tall shrubs screen the actor's home from the curious.
Bury implies covering over so as to conceal: buried the treasure; buried his hands in his pockets; buried the point of the article in a mass of details.
To cloak is to conceal something, such as a thought, a plan, or an intention, by masking or disguising it: On previously cloaked issues, the Soviets have suddenly become forthcoming.

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