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SYNONYMS: religious, devout, pious, sanctimonious.
These adjectives mean having or showing a belief in and veneration for God or a divine power, especially as it is reflected in the practice of religion.

Religious implies adherence to religion in both belief and practice: The cathedral is an expression of the religious fervor.
Devout connotes ardent faith and sincere devotion: Devout Moslems observe Ramadan punctiliously.
Pious stresses dutiful, reverential discharge of religious duties: Her mother, a pious woman, attends Mass every morning. When the term refers to insincere piety, however, it is derogatory: He was a sanctimonious, pious weasel.
Sanctimonious in its modern usage always implies a hypocritical pretense of sanctity: You act like a sanctimonious pirate.

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