List of 426 Sets of Synonyms - How they Differ - Total of 2307 Words - 336

SYNONYMS: rough, harsh, jagged, rugged, uneven.
These adjectives apply to what is not smooth but has a coarse, irregular surface.

Rough describes something that to the sight or touch has inequalities, as projections or ridges: rough bark; rough, chapped hands; a rough homespun fabric.
Something harsh is unpleasantly rough, discordant, or grating: harsh burlap; the harsh cry of a crow.
Jagged refers to an edge or a surface with irregular projections and indentations: a jagged piece of glass.
Rugged, which often refers to strength or endurance, especially in people, can also apply to land surfaces characterized by irregular, often steep rises and slopes: a rugged, rocky trail; rugged countryside.
Uneven describes lines or surfaces of which some parts are not level with others: uneven ground; uneven handwriting.

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