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SYNONYMS: steal, purloin, filch, snitch, pilfer, cop, hook, swipe, lift, pinch.
These verbs mean to take another's property wrongfully, often surreptitiously.

Steal is the most general: stole a car; stealing a few moments for relaxation; research that was stolen by a colleague.
To purloin is to make off with something, often in a breach of trust: purloined the key to his safe-deposit box.
Filch and snitch often suggest that what is stolen is of little value, while pilfer sometimes connotes theft of or in small quantities: filched an ashtray from the restaurant; snitch a handkerchief; strawberries pilfered from the farmer.
Cop, hook, and swipe frequently connote quick, furtive snatching or seizing: copped a necklace from the counter; planning to hook a fur coat; swiped a magazine from the doctor's waiting room.
To lift is to pick or take something up surreptitiously and keep it for oneself: The pickpocket lifted my wallet.
Pinch suggests stealing something by or as if by squeezing it between the thumb and the fingers: went into the study and pinched a dollar bill.

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