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SYNONYMS: summit, peak, pinnacle, acme, apex, zenith, climax.
These nouns all mean the highest point.

Summit denotes the highest level attainable: This been the summit of his ambition.
Peak usually refers to the uppermost point: It was the peak of summer in the forests.
Pinnacle denotes a towering height, as of achievement: The articulation of the theory of relativity catapulted Albert Einstein to the pinnacle of fame.
Acme refers to an ultimate point, as of perfection: The artist's gifts are at their acme.
Apex is the culminating point: The Nazi regime represents the apex of oppression and intimidation.
Zenith is the point of highest achievement, most complete development, or greatest power: Chivalry was then in its zenith.
Climax refers to the point of greatest strength, effect, or intensity that marks the end point of an ascending process: The collapse of the government was the climax of a series of constitutional crises.

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