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SYNONYMS: temerity, audacity, effrontery, nerve, cheek, gall.
These nouns refer to striking, often aggressive boldness.

Temerity implies a foolhardy flouting of danger: Conducting the premiere of a symphony without a rehearsal requires temerity.
Audacity suggests heedlessness of the restraints imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention: In war nothing is impossible, provided you use audacity.
Effrontery and nerve denote impudent, arrogant, or shameless boldness: He had the effrontery to suggest that she enjoyed being unhappy. A raise? When your work is so slipshod? You do have a nerve!
Cheek connotes cool impertinence and brashness: Do you really have the cheek to insult your hosts?
Gall suggests brazenness and unconscionable insolence: With unmitigated gall he crashed the party and then criticized the food.

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