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SYNONYMS: trite, hackneyed, shopworn, stereotyped, threadbare, stale, banal.
These adjectives describe something, such as writing or speech that lacks appeal or power because it lacks freshness.

Trite, hackneyed, and shopworn imply over familiarity resulting from overuse or repetition; the terms often suggest reduction of something once forceful to an empty formula or cliché: a trite saying; a soap opera with a hackneyed plot; shopworn slogans.
Stereotyped refers to what is so lacking in originality or creative force that it seems a mechanical reproduction: stereotyped phrases of condolence.
Threadbare suggests that something has been overworked until it is worn out: a threadbare argument.
Stale implies that something has lost novelty or interest because it has been overused or because it is dated or passé: stale jokes.
Banal applies to what is commonplace or inane: banal lyrics.

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