Mancheng Han Tombs in Baoding China

Mancheng Han Tombs

We Arrive at the Tombs - 3

The taxis were driven by some friends of Dr. Jin and they stayed with us for the day. This tomb complex is composed of the tomb of Liu Sheng and his wife Douwan, 120 meters apart. Liu Sheng was the first emperor of Zhongshan State, Western Han Dynasty. (During the Han Dynasty, the whole empire was managed in the system of enfeoffment. Each nobles had his own piece of land to administer. Liu Sheng was one of the sons of Emperor Jing of the central government, he was appointed as the first emperor of Zhongshan State (What is now Baoding) in 154 BC, and died in 113 BC, He stayed on the throne for 42 years. So the construction of the tomb lasted 42 years.

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