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Bronze Incense Burner - 1

This Bronze Incense Burner graces the courtyard in front of the Main Gracious Hall. Cast in red bronze, the burner has three stories and is 3.5 meters high. The design of many Chinese incense burners are heavily influenced by religious images, such as the Buddha or Chinese gods. Many people light incense burner holders in spiritual places, such as altars, temples and sacred places and pray while they are lit. It is very common in many Asian countries to see people deep in prayer while next to a Chinese incense burner. In addition to being part of a spiritual tradition that extends back thousands of years, incense burner holders give off a pleasing fragrance that spreads across a large area. When the Palace was still in use, bronze vessels like this would be on displays as a way of displaying the great wealth, culture, heritage and history of the Emperor and the Royal House. The oldest vessels could date back over 1,300 years and in the old days these vessels alone would have represented enormous wealth.

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