Paul and Bernice Noll's Suggested Reading List on China - Page 1
  1. The Cambridge Handbook of Contemporary China, Cambridge University Press, 1991
  2. Culture Shock Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, 1993,
  3. The New Emperors, China in the Era of Mao and Deng, Little Brown and Company, Harrison Salisbury, 1992
  4. China, Alive in the Bitter Sea, Bantam Books, Fox Butterfield, 1982
  5. The Long March, The Untold Story, Harper & Row, Harrison Salisbury, 1985
  6. China's Second Revolution, Reform after Mao, Brookings Institution, Harry Harding, 1987
  7. Fodor's People's Republic of China
  8. To Get Rich is Glorious, China in the 80s, New American Library, Orville Schell, 1984
  9. China Companion, A guide to 100 cities, resorts and places of interest in the China, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Evelyne Garside, 1981
  10. China Business Handbook, 1999, China economic Review, 1999
  11. The Yangzi River, China Guides Series, 1985
  12. The Soong Dynasty, Harper & Row, Sterling Seagrave, 1985
  13. Mao's China and After, A History of the People's Republic, Collier Macmillan Publishers, Maurice Meisner, 1986
  14. How China is Ruled, Prentice-Hall Inc., Alan Liu, 1986
  15. Mao Zedong, Man Not God Foreign Language Press, Beijing, Quan Yanchi, 1992
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