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Weifang  Weifang
Location of Shandong Province within China Location of Weifang within Shandong Province
4 Districts, 6 County-Level Cities and 6 Counties - Weifang City
# Name
1 Weicheng District
2 Kuiwen District
3 Fangzi District
4 Hanting District
# Name
County-Level Cities
5 Qingzhou City
6 Zhucheng City
7 Shouguang City
8 Anqiu City
9 Gaomi City
10 Changyi City
# Name
11 Changle County
12 Linqu County

Number 12. Linqu County is a county located in the southwest of Weifang and the middle of Shandong Peninsula, Shandong Province, China. It covers an area of 1,834 square kilometers and governs 937 villages which were grouped into eight townships and two subdistricts. Linqu has a population of 0.85 million.